Your aircraft is personal property and requires an aircraft appraiser.

Book values simply cannot accurately deduce a particular airplane’s property appraisal value. It cannot determine a particular air-frame condition, the interior condition, the service history, or avionics modifications that may have been installed.

What we do

  • obtain a professional opinion of the present fair market value of a plane.

  • obtain a professional opinion of the value of an airplane to be renovated or modified.

  • provide expert opinion of the value of a plane as it is useful as a prudent safeguard against excessive tax assessments, capital gains, and other taxes.

  • verify damage claims resulting from fire, theft, hail, windstorms, accidents, and other disasters.

  • provide the basis for decision making in the commitment of funds for acquisition.

  • provide persuasive independent evidence of the condition of an aircraft.

  • support the selling price.

  • assist the prospective buyer in obtaining financing or insurance.

  • assist the financial institution by substantiating the nature and the value of an aircraft as it relates to collateral.

  • assist the financial institution by supporting the loan portfolio for examination by loan committee and/or bank examiners.

  • distinguish seller’s aircraft from others that may be listed for sale.

  • reduce the time to sell an aircraft up to 50%.


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