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Welcome to the insurance side of the aviation industry! As some of you might have read on our website and online issue last month, In Flight USA recently attended a conference for the Organization of Flying Adjusters in Oklahoma City. This gathering of aviation experts and professionals was for those in the insurance business and those who do inspections, insurance claims adjustments, and appraisals. As discussed in the previous article on this topic, the OFA is not just for insurance adjusters and personnel who do aviation insurance claims adjustments; it is for any insurance adjuster or inspector who utilizes aircraft to perform their job. This covers a lot of ground and can be very empowering for both the insurance and aviation industries. Mark Parry is an aircraft appraiser, insurance adjuster, and inspector from Massachusetts. He has dedicated many years to learning about aircraft, earning a bachelor’s degree from the University of Massachusetts and successfully completing one year of law school at Massachusetts School of Law, and becoming a licensed insurance adjuster and aircraft appraiser. He currently conducts a multitude of aircraft and marine appraisals and is a licensed amateur radio operator. He also offers expert witness and pre-buy services. With maintenance oversight, his company provides a diverse level of aviation services. His story is another example of a possible career in aviation. We look forward to offering stories like his in the future.

Interview with Annamarie Buonocore


IFUSA: It is good to have an aircraft appraiser and aircraft insurance adjuster with us today. How did you get into this business?


MP: I have been in aviation since the ‘80s, the early ‘80s. I started out as an A&P airframe power plant mechanic. My first A&P job was at Lockheed. It was Lockheed California Company at the time. I was based out of Burbank, Calif. and worked on the Stelf Fighter. I was transferred up to Palmdale and worked on U-2 aircraft. I went to NASA. They were called ER1 and ER2. I was hired by Canadair, which was bought out by Bombardier. There, I worked on the Challenger series of business jets. I was a mechanic for some time and then a crew chief. I moved up to management. In 2005, I left to start my own business. I started doing appraisals, but I went back to school to earn my bachelor’s degree and go to law school. When that was done, I went into appraising full time.


IFUSA: What made you choose the crucial role of an appraiser?


MP: When I was in management at Bombardier, I had been involved in a lot of pre-buys. I would oversee the entire pre-buying process and would present the pricing information to both the seller and the buyer. I handled a lot of negotiations and determined who was paying for what. It was a three-way negotiation that I was in charge of. A lot of people in this industry don’t like to do that, but I like a challenge. I found myself a little bored at times, so this would help keep me moving. I enjoy the challenge of the pre-buying process because it can be difficult. I use this a lot  pre-buy process, not only in my pre-sale work, but when I oversee pre-buys. I have done some work for American Jet Sales. I oversaw the pre-buys of a couple of King Airs for them. I would go over the maintenance and then would go over the pricing structure that I learned at Bombardier, which can be used on any aircraft if you know how to do it right. Pre-buy oversight is another part of my business and another service that I offer. This has helped me salvage a lot of deals. I have helped salvage many deals or sales that have fallen apart.


IFUSA: What does one have to do to become an aircraft appraiser?


MP: You have to have been in aviation for 10 years. It takes mechanical experience, good photography skills, and report-writing skills. My proprietary database and skills have helped me in this industry and salvage many deals.


IFUSA: What is your favorite aircraft to inspect?


MP: I like doing them all, to tell you the truth. I prefer not to have to deal with older twin engines. Most of my experience has been with business jets, so I enjoy working on those. I also enjoy warbirds and general aviation aircraft. I would rank them as follows: business jets, warbirds, helicopters, and then all things general aviation. I have experience with all of those. My colleague and good friend, Jeremy Cox, whom you knew, got to appraise a rocket. I was so jealous of that.


IFUSA: What do you enjoy most about the northeastern market?


MP: I like being here because my family is here. That’s the big thing. I have about 30 cousins in the Boston area alone. But from a business perspective, I like being centrally located to many major cities. I also enjoy the beauty of New England and all the seasons. This area has good proximity to New York, Boston, Teterboro, western New York, and even into southern Vermont.


IFUSA: Tell me a little bit about your local airport. Is it a good place to work?


MP: The great thing about this business is that you can work from home, and I enjoy doing that. Sometimes I work out of Signature Flight Support down at Bradley International Airport. It’s about 20 minutes away, so it’s easy for me to meet customers there. It’s kind of a big airport, so it’s not like being at a GA airport, but it’s close for my customers and me.


IFUSA: Who or what in the aviation industry inspires you the most?


MP: I would segue into the OFA. I enjoy working with Bill “Hap” Arnold and the Higleys.


IFUSA: How has the OFA helped you in your business?


MP: It has been fantastic. It’s a very vibrant organization. It provides a good network of experienced adjusters and appraisers to help you find work and learn more about the business. I would recommend the OFA to anyone considering a career in aviation appraisals or inspection.


IFUSA: What are your future plans for your business?


MP: Right now, I am doing some training with a new appraiser, and if that goes well, we’re hoping to form a partnership. I have expanded my business to include a search engine on my website to help clients find appraisers, A&Ps, and inspection authorization personnel. We are also expanding out into more museum work. We are growing our team of associates that can handle anything from maintenance oversight to insurance adjusting to IRS appraisals. They can also be expert witnesses.


IFUSA: Have you done any expert witness work in court?


MP: Yes, I have done expert witness work. I have been on the stand and have been successful at it. Most of the legal work I have been involved with settles prior to going to court. I did end up doing one trial that went to the appellate level. I have also won at that level.


IFUSA: Thank you!

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